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Doctor Nurse Supermax Leather Sneaker Clogs

Doctor Nurse Supermax Leather Sneaker Clogs

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Features of Our Product:

The most distinctive feature of our Super Max Sneaker is their full bubble sole.
The springiness feature of this sole is quite higher than all other soles.
Thanks to it’s springiness feature, it does not tire the feet.
The sole height is 5 cm.
Thanks to it’s internal structure suitable for foot anatomy, it provides comfortable use all day long.
Environmentally friendly polyurethane sole is used in it’s production.
Slip resistant due to the special bottom of the sole.
Real leather
The holes in the side section provide air flow and do not sweat
Suitable for foot health since we do not use any artificial material

Frequently Using Areas

You can use it our women’s clogs and men’s sneaker clogs easily at home or outdoors.
Doctors, nurses and health personnel working in hospitals and clinics prefers it as medical clogs
Caterers and kitchen staff in restaurants and hotels
It is frequently preferred because it is comfortable by the cleaning staff and other staff in the hotel
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